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At Surigao DigiPro, we are driven by a mission to empower businesses of all sizes to thrive in the digital landscape. Our team of passionate experts combines creativity and data-driven strategies to deliver exceptional outcomes.

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Let’s start with this truth. The road to entrepreneurial success is not for the faint-hearted. We at Surigao DigiPro understand this because we’ve traveled it ourselves. We know the trials and tribulations, the highs and lows. And that’s exactly what makes us the perfect partner in this journey.

With our seasoned expertise in online advertising, creative design, content marketing, social media marketing, eCommerce, and chat automation, we offer more than just empathy. We provide a clear, tested roadmap to the summit of success. We’re not just your support team; we’re your trusted confidantes on this trek to victory.

Online Advertising Services

Ever get that sinking feeling, like you're throwing funds into the abyss of boosting posts? We use Facebook’s entire arsenal of ad tools to ensure each penny is a well-aimed shot at success.

Budget Management

We handle your budget as if it were our own. Every cent feeds our laser-focused strategy.

A/B Split Testing

Test, test, then test again. In our world, data drives decisions.

Advanced Audience Targeting

Your message won’t be a drop in the ocean. We craft campaigns that speak directly to your tribe.

Retargeting Campaigns

Those familiar ads you keep seeing? That's retargeting. And it’s a clever conversion tool we’re experts in deploying.

On Brand Designs

We don’t just create pretty pictures. Our designs reflect your brand's soul.

Paid Advertising Content

We craft visuals that not only demand attention but inspire action.

Organic Social Media Content

We curate a comprehensive, month-long content plan, aligning with your vision and goals.

Conversion Copywriting

Our words incite action. Expect your audience at the edge of their seats, ready to commit.

Creative & Design Services

No creative in-house? Consider us your dedicated team. We generate polished, compelling copy and design that turn heads—and conversions.

Chat Automation

We bring efficiency to your customer service, delivering personalized and timely solutions.

24/7 Customer Support Availability

A business that never sleeps requires support to match. We’re on, even when you’re off.

Improved Response Time and Efficiency

We automate responses to frequent queries, freeing your team to solve the big stuff.

Effortless Lead Generation

We turn chatbots into your tireless, efficient lead gen team.

Seamless Integration with CRM Systems

One-stop solution for all customer data. Our chatbots harmonize with your CRM, creating a unified flow of information.

Accurate and Reliable Financial Records

Clean, dependable records, supporting informed decisions.

Expert Guidance for Financial Health

We dissect your financial health, providing clear insights to make informed decisions.

Streamlined Financial Management

We manage your financial management processes so you can focus on your passion: your business.

Customized Bookkeeping Solutions

A unique business deserves a unique approach. We tailor our services to your needs, ensuring your books are as efficient as they are transparent.


No more sleepless nights over your finances. With Surigao DigiPro, transparency and accuracy are our cornerstones.

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For us MSMEs, it’s just wishful thinking that we can have a website, because we know that having [one] is expensive and also because we lack resources and the skill to do it. Then I woke up one day receiving a text from DTI informing me about this opportunity, and I thank God because that wishful thinking is now a reality.

Engr. Woodrow C. Escobal Jr.
Owner, JB Nature Farm & Resort

The skills at Surigao DigiPro don’t merely elevate the standards—they redefine them. This is a team characterized by sharp intellect, unparalleled creativity, and game-changing innovations. Trust me, in the search for the best talent, you just landed on gold.

Ruben Licera
CEO ESTRAT360 & Business Coach

I often found the world of digital marketing intimidating and somewhat like I’m in a maze, particularly as an SME. From our initial interaction with Surigao DigiPro, it was evident that we weren’t just working. We were establishing a partnership that’s committed to my success and provides clarity, simplicity, and effective marketing.

Corazon Lim
Owner Jamaca Travel & Tours

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