Maria Vinna Paraguya

Accountancy & Client Acquisition

Why Work with Vinna?

Business can feel like a battlefield, and it requires a seasoned strategist to conquer its challenges. If you’re searching for someone with proven expertise in guiding businesses to victory, you’ve found your ally.


'The Ally in Your Business Success'

Hi, there! Your presence here indicates you’re on a quest for solutions. As a Strategic Operations Expert, I bring to the table almost two decades of hard-won knowledge across diverse industries.

I’ve learned to master the art of many roles out of a fervent passion to add value in everything I undertake.

So, why partner with me? My specialties lie in the critical fields of digital marketing, bookkeeping, customer service, and project management. I excel at identifying issues before they become problems and strategizing solutions that keep businesses on track.

If it seems like I’m deep in thought, it’s because I’m doing the mental heavy lifting – observing, analyzing, and resolving challenges that might seem daunting to most. I bring this intense focus and commitment to every project.

If you’re seeking an ally who delivers quality results and elevates your business to new heights, let’s join forces.

The Team

Airyl Uriarte

Patrika Entendez


Navigating Your Success


Our strategic approach kicks off with a personalized one-on-one consultation, designed to unlock your business’s unique potential.

Upon scheduling your session, you’ll receive a comprehensive questionnaire. This tool helps me gain insights into your business landscape, ensuring our collaboration is focused, efficient, and fruitful.

You’ll also receive detailed guidance for our meeting, leaving no room for ambiguity. Post our interaction, I’ll provide you with a thorough summary of our discussion, complete with actionable steps, useful resources, and a clear strategy moving forward.

Consider this an open invitation to a higher tier of strategic problem-solving. I’m excited to align with you and propel your business to new heights.

Ready to Transform Your Business?



Vinna? Don’t let the calm exterior fool you – beneath that tranquility, she’s got more facets than a diamond in a funhouse mirror. With nearly two decades of juggling roles across industries, she’s a jack-of-all-trades who makes the jacks wish they’d picked another game.

Digital Marketing, Bookkeeping, Customer Service, and Project Management – she’s tackled them all. Think of her as a Swiss Army Knife of problem-solving, always sharp and ready for action. Some might call it foresight, we call it her “I’ve got this under control” sixth sense. Before a problem even knows it’s a problem, Vinna’s on it.

Her style? A bit like a detective crossed with a chess champion. She sits back, observes, contemplates, and just when you start to question her method, checkmate! She’s solved problems you didn’t even realize you had. They say not all heroes wear capes; well, ours carries a killer strategy and an uncanny knack for problem-solving.

If your business has a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find her… maybe you can hire… Vinna at Surigao DigiPro. Cue the ‘A-Team’ theme song.

 Prepare to gear up for quality results that’ll leave you wondering how you ever managed without her.